TV Oldies Review: Aquaman (1970)

Aquaman (1970)

4/5 rating

I know what your thinking but for the spirit of positive thought let’s call it OLD SCHOOL!

I decided to watch this with all the upcoming hype about the NEW Aquaman and got to thinking….what was he like in the age of family friendliness years ago.  I mean…is he as pathetic as all the parodies or is that just memory alterations.

Well…in my opinion…he is just that cheesy, but I still have no regrets watching this with my 8 & 6-year-old kids.  Heck…the 17-year-old even got into a couple of the episodes! I figured I should get to know the old before I usher in the new.

What I discovered was the typical cartoon with the good guy defeats the bad guys after a bit of a struggle or adventure.  Of course, what the bad guys thought was bad in this era of television has nothing on the bad cartoon villains of today.  It compares more to the Teletubbies toaster tossing toast around the room bad instead of the take over the world kind of bad.

I am really looking forward to the newest take on the superhero of the deep and hope I won’t be disappointed like I was with the whole Batman vs. Superman movie.  If the animation of the 2000s is any indication of where Aquaman is going…I’m excited!

If you can…go watch this old school show before being sucked into the make-over version for the cynical 30 – 40-year-olds of today.

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