Movie Review: Underworld: Blood Wars (2017)

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

3/5 rating

This is a great example of quitting while you’re ahead.

The attempt to keep this saga going has lead to the writers getting sloppy.  The plot is good but the logic has holes the size of the grand canyon.  What Vampire in the middle of a war would pause to let a Lycan transform?  Wouldn’t that be the time to kill it?   Being polite?  I don’t think so.  If you’re going to win, there are no rules in war.

Where is Michael in all this?  Well…he was killed off by some other Lycan.  A.K.A. – the actor didn’t think the script was worth the money to come back.

Overall…I went to the theater, had a night away from the kids, but would recommend you wait for the DVD and Digital release.

Critical Lex



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