Movie Review: Batman VS Superman (2016)

Batman VS Superman (2016)

2/5 rating

Well…the writers dropped the ball on this one.  The attempt to weave in origins for everyone and have a battle just was too much for this movie.

Bruce Wayne’s main character flaw was all consuming to kill Superman, but that was so far out of the typical Bruce Wayne line of thought that it took away from the entire movie.  I find it doubtful that Batman had to be told by Superman’s girlfriend that Lex Luthor was up to no good.  He would have known that prior and there was a brief moment in the movie when you think he had figured it out and then he just starts trying to beat down Superman.

At least the writers kept the fact that Bruce’s and Clark’s mothers were both named Martha, but then again…at the time of their creation in the 1930s & 1940s  it would be either Martha or Mildred (no a whole lot of imagination in the name area back then).

Wonderwoman and the other introduction to the Justice League placed into the movie was unnecessary.  A brief discovery of their existence by the Batman at the end would have been enough.

I do look forward to seeing the other origin movies and the Justice League movies to follow, but this one I am glad to not have wasted time and money at the theatre.

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