Product Review: Hidden Gems Bath Bombs as sold at Showcase

One of the big Christmas promotions this year from Showcase is the band-wagon product called Hidden Gems.  Like many others similar products they take items such as soaps, candles and bath bombs and place a hidden piece of jewellery inside for the customer to get as a bonus gift.

Hidden Gems states clearly that the item can be appraised anywhere from $10 – $5000 dollars in worth.  You can expect all manner of product.

This pictured necklace came from their Bath Bomb series that focuses on necklaces.  There are 3 bath bombs to a box and only one will have a treasure inside.

The bath bombs themselves are average in how they work and are a great product for the person looking to pamper themselves.

As for the necklace inside, I will admit I was disappointed.  As this product is aimed at an adult, I think the pendant being of a little girl’s dress is way off the mark.  My 8-year-old daughter loved it though and so she is the proud owner.

I give this first impression of the product a 2/5.  It was fun for the novelty but I know I won’t bother with this branch of the product line again unless the second box of bath bombs I possess yields something a little more for the target audience.

Critical Lex

JeCwellery from inside of Hidden Gems Bath Bomb as sold at Showcase.

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