Movie Review: The Borrowers (1997)

The Borrowers (1997)
3/5 rating
An older movie that is family friendly. A little bit silly but interesting. Goes along the lines of the little people found in Gulliver’s Travels or The Littles of the early to mid 1980s fame.

A few recognised actors from the world of Harry Potter appear in this before the fame of the world from J. K. Rowling.  Leaves me to wonder if there is a shortage of British actors in the world. LOL!

Hidden in an old house inherited by a young boy and his parents are little people who call themselves Borrowers.  In reality, as they never put anything they borrow back they actually are stealers but for the sake of the family friendly imagination, we will over-look this.

When a shyster of a business man swindles the family out of their home, the youngest of the Borrowers take it upon themselves to help the family out.

The filming graphics are decent and the Borrower’s inventions to live in a big world are worth the watch.

A good overall movie though I doubt I will ever watch it again.  Depending on your child they may fall in love with it.

Critical Lex








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