TV Oldies Review: Aquaman (1970)

Aquaman (1970)

4/5 rating

I know what your thinking but for the spirit of positive thought let’s call it OLD SCHOOL!

I decided to watch this with all the upcoming hype about the NEW Aquaman and got to thinking….what was he like in the age of family friendliness years ago.  I mean…is he as pathetic as all the parodies or is that just memory alterations.

Well…in my opinion…he is just that cheesy, but I still have no regrets watching this with my 8 & 6-year-old kids.  Heck…the 17-year-old even got into a couple of the episodes! I figured I should get to know the old before I usher in the new.

What I discovered was the typical cartoon with the good guy defeats the bad guys after a bit of a struggle or adventure.  Of course, what the bad guys thought was bad in this era of television has nothing on the bad cartoon villains of today.  It compares more to the Teletubbies toaster tossing toast around the room bad instead of the take over the world kind of bad.

I am really looking forward to the newest take on the superhero of the deep and hope I won’t be disappointed like I was with the whole Batman vs. Superman movie.  If the animation of the 2000s is any indication of where Aquaman is going…I’m excited!

If you can…go watch this old school show before being sucked into the make-over version for the cynical 30 – 40-year-olds of today.

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Candy Review: Great Bite

Great Bite Candy


These are horrible excuses for candy!

You can really taste the color or in the case of the “lemon” the cleaner.  That’s right….the lemon taste like you just huffed some Pledge Wood Cleaner.

There is a reason they are at dollar stores.

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Movie Review: Underworld: Blood Wars (2017)

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

3/5 rating

This is a great example of quitting while you’re ahead.

The attempt to keep this saga going has lead to the writers getting sloppy.  The plot is good but the logic has holes the size of the grand canyon.  What Vampire in the middle of a war would pause to let a Lycan transform?  Wouldn’t that be the time to kill it?   Being polite?  I don’t think so.  If you’re going to win, there are no rules in war.

Where is Michael in all this?  Well…he was killed off by some other Lycan.  A.K.A. – the actor didn’t think the script was worth the money to come back.

Overall…I went to the theater, had a night away from the kids, but would recommend you wait for the DVD and Digital release.

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Movie Review: Batman VS Superman (2016)

Batman VS Superman (2016)

2/5 rating

Well…the writers dropped the ball on this one.  The attempt to weave in origins for everyone and have a battle just was too much for this movie.

Bruce Wayne’s main character flaw was all consuming to kill Superman, but that was so far out of the typical Bruce Wayne line of thought that it took away from the entire movie.  I find it doubtful that Batman had to be told by Superman’s girlfriend that Lex Luthor was up to no good.  He would have known that prior and there was a brief moment in the movie when you think he had figured it out and then he just starts trying to beat down Superman.

At least the writers kept the fact that Bruce’s and Clark’s mothers were both named Martha, but then again…at the time of their creation in the 1930s & 1940s  it would be either Martha or Mildred (no a whole lot of imagination in the name area back then).

Wonderwoman and the other introduction to the Justice League placed into the movie was unnecessary.  A brief discovery of their existence by the Batman at the end would have been enough.

I do look forward to seeing the other origin movies and the Justice League movies to follow, but this one I am glad to not have wasted time and money at the theatre.

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Movie Review: Song of the Sea (2014)

Song of the Sea (2014)

2/5 rating.

I never heard of this movie until it popped up on my Netflix feed.  There is a reason for that.

The animation is ok, but the story is drawn out and long winded.  My kids kept leaving the room as they couldn’t bear to sit through the drudgery.

It is a sweet enough story but definitely I am happy I didn’t waste money at the theatre to see it.  I wish I didn’t waste the time at home either.  I’m not sure how old the story is, but this version did not translate well.  I found it confusing and hard to keep up with.  That could be due to the lack of knowledge as to the origins of the tale.  Feels like a generational retelling but could be a new story as well.

Unless you are looking to just waste time….don’t bother.

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Movie Review: What About Bob? (1991)

What About Bob? (1991)

4/5 rating

A throw-back to the insanity of the 90s, I enjoyed this movie very much.

When a psychiatric patient follows his doctor and family on vacation there is only one logical way to deal with the situation…blow him up of course!

Typical extremes for humour against the boredom of the mundane lifestyle.

I really liked the movie then and enjoyed it again now.

Worth watching!

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Product Review: Hidden Gems Bath Bombs as sold at Showcase

One of the big Christmas promotions this year from Showcase is the band-wagon product called Hidden Gems.  Like many others similar products they take items such as soaps, candles and bath bombs and place a hidden piece of jewellery inside for the customer to get as a bonus gift.

Hidden Gems states clearly that the item can be appraised anywhere from $10 – $5000 dollars in worth.  You can expect all manner of product.

This pictured necklace came from their Bath Bomb series that focuses on necklaces.  There are 3 bath bombs to a box and only one will have a treasure inside.

The bath bombs themselves are average in how they work and are a great product for the person looking to pamper themselves.

As for the necklace inside, I will admit I was disappointed.  As this product is aimed at an adult, I think the pendant being of a little girl’s dress is way off the mark.  My 8-year-old daughter loved it though and so she is the proud owner.

I give this first impression of the product a 2/5.  It was fun for the novelty but I know I won’t bother with this branch of the product line again unless the second box of bath bombs I possess yields something a little more for the target audience.

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JeCwellery from inside of Hidden Gems Bath Bomb as sold at Showcase.

Movie Review: Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)

Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)
In an alternate universe, the Justice League only has 3 members and they are not all the goody-goody glory of the Justice League we know.  So be it if you must kill off a few people for the greater good.
Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman stem from completely different past events and only with the help of Lex Luthor can they come to terms with some of their mistakes.  A cross over to the universe we know would definitely give them a different perspective.

Lex Luthor is not his power hungry self and I seem to recall he does get the chance to meet the Lex Luthor and Justice League of the timeline that is more mainstream.
A decent movie if you’re looking for a new take. Purists will hate it. I enjoyed the what if equation of the movie.

Critical Lex

Movie Review: The Borrowers (1997)

The Borrowers (1997)
3/5 rating
An older movie that is family friendly. A little bit silly but interesting. Goes along the lines of the little people found in Gulliver’s Travels or The Littles of the early to mid 1980s fame.

A few recognised actors from the world of Harry Potter appear in this before the fame of the world from J. K. Rowling.  Leaves me to wonder if there is a shortage of British actors in the world. LOL!

Hidden in an old house inherited by a young boy and his parents are little people who call themselves Borrowers.  In reality, as they never put anything they borrow back they actually are stealers but for the sake of the family friendly imagination, we will over-look this.

When a shyster of a business man swindles the family out of their home, the youngest of the Borrowers take it upon themselves to help the family out.

The filming graphics are decent and the Borrower’s inventions to live in a big world are worth the watch.

A good overall movie though I doubt I will ever watch it again.  Depending on your child they may fall in love with it.

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